Airbrush and Versa Pro Prep & Care








  •  Before coming in for your Airbrush or Spray Tan, be sure to shave, shower and       exfoliate. DO NOT use an oil based body scrub!!! Your tan will not adhere properly.
  • Do not wear any lotions, make up, deodorants or perfumes prior to your visit. This allows for the solution to have the greatest impact with natural skin, and not repel any solution.
  • If waxing or getting a pedicure or manicure, make sure you do it at least one day prior to your scheduled airbrush.
  • Loose dark clothing and flip flops or sandals is best to wear home after your airbrush appointment. (No jeans, yoga pants or tight tops) We like Maxi Dresses!
  • IMPORTANT…Gentlemen must wear some sort of undergarment, no exceptions. If it is important to you to have a tan booty, get yourself a man thong!


  • After your Airbrush or Spray Tan session you maybe be slightly sticky for up to 2 hours.
  • Do not have any activities planned after your tanning session that would cause you to perspire or get wet in any way. Do not go swimming or be exposed to the rain as this will cause the tanning solution to run and look uneven when the activation takes place
  • Infinity Sun Airbrush Solution takes a full 8-12 hours to develop. The VersaSpa Pro Spray Tan solution takes 6-12 hours. Showering earlier will cause the tan to under develop
  • The tanning solution may rub off on your clothes or your bed sheets. However, it is water soluble and will come out when washing.
  • When showering for the first time after your Airbrush or Spray Tan, it’s best if you use lukewarm water, and no soap. Just let the water run clear, get out, and pat yourself dry. You may have to take another shower at a later time to get all the bronzer off. Do not use a brush or wash cloth when showering as it will cause exfoliation of the skin that has just been tanned causing your tan to look uneven, and not last as long.
  • Remember to moisturize twice a day and avoid harsh exfoliants. Moisturizing is the key to maintaining a nice skin surface for the tan. No OIL.
  • If you do need to shave after having an Airbrush or Spray Tan, it’s best to use a brand new razor. Doing this allows you to remove just hair and no dry skin, helping make your tan last longer
  • When following the proper post care your Airbrush or Spray Tan should last anywhere from 7-10 days!

Please ask about a tan extender lotion that will preserve the color, depth and uniformity of your tan.